IMPACT is the measurable difference you make in people’s lives as the direct result of contact with you, your team, and your marketing, products and services.

IMPACT STRATEGY is the process of applying effective ethical influence formulas to move people to action so they get what they truly want as a result of consuming your products and services.

PROFESSIONAL IMPACT is the ultimate result of using impact strategy in every area of your business to create measurable results for the people you serve, your team, your business and yourself.

What’s Your Impact?

In a recent study, we asked more than 6,000 entrepreneurs, executives and credentialed professionals one question:

“What is the impact you bring to people’s lives?”

We received responses like, “We’re in technology,” “I help moms take care of their families,” “I’m an author,” “I speak on social media,” “I’m a doctor,” “I’m a life coach,” “We have a bakery,” and “I host a weekly podcast.”

Okay, now we know a bit about what you do, but what’s your impact?

Our extensive research in corporate, healthcare, non-profit and entrepreneurial industries has shown the “secret” to increasing reach, revenue and results is to consistently follow these four steps:

Step 1. Get Clarity On Your Impact What do you want people to be able to do, be and/or have after they’ve consumed your marketing, products and services, and how will you measure your success in achieving those outcomes – internally and externally?

Step 2. Focus On Impact® Our research has consistently shown, companies that focus on money yield significantly less profitability than those who make all decisions and actions on the basis of one question: Will this decision/action help us make the greatest possible impact?

Step 3. Make Your Impact Strategically Impact is only impact if people find you, follow you, choose you, buy and use your products and services and get measurable results. When that happens, people will consistently tell their friends how amazing you are and come back for more. To make that happen, consistently use impact strategy and ethical influence to move people to action so you make a measurable difference on every life you touch at every point of contact.

Step 4. Prove Your Impact Regularly research your impact and share the data internally and externally. The more you show measurable results for the people you serve the faster you’ll get measurable results for your business.

Bottom line: When you Focus On Impact®, the money will come.

So what’s your impact?

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