About Professional Impact

Professional Impact, Inc. is an international training and consulting firm, specializing in helping you maximize and capitalize on the unique impact you bring to people’s lives through your messaging, products and services.

Since our beginnings in 1983* we’ve had the privilege of serving hundreds of thousands of people in corporate, healthcare, small business, non-profit and entrepreneurial markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make an impact on people’s lives so they, in turn, can make an impact on every life they touch.

We accomplish our mission by providing strategic coaching and practical, step-by-step formulas we have developed, tested and proven effective across a vast array of industries in the best and worst of economic conditions.

Our goal is simple: to help you achieve yours.

While other consultants look for what is “broken” and fix it –- we look for what is “exceptional” and enhance it. We are committed to helping you maximize and capitalize on what is unique about your company, your team, and you.

Professional Impact programs are highly motivational and purposefully intense. Each program is customized to the unique needs of our client and is designed to provide simple steps that will help you achieve the goals you set.

In the process of learning to make a profitable impact, you will also learn how to make a greater impact on your children, your relationships and your life. Many of our clients have said their time with us was a “life changing” experience that changed their perspectives on themselves, their work and their families.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you maximize and capitalize on your unique impact.

*Professional Impact, Inc., a Connecticut corporation, was established in 1983 as Eden Enterprises, Inc. A corporate resolution was enacted in 1995 changing the name to Professional Impact, Inc.