Focus on Impact® Audio E-Course

Wendy Lipton-Dibner’s Focus On Impact® E-Course is now available in a convenient, downloadable audio set! Take Wendy with you wherever you go and get 6 hours of step-by-step training to help you reach millions, make millions and love your life along the way.

The Focus On Impact® E-Course takes you on a strategic journey to visit 10 “cities” to build and grow your impact.





mobile-foiCITY # 1: DEFINE
In the first city you’ll find the clarity you need to determine precisely what you want your unique impact to be, what you want to get as a result of your impact and how you’ll make it happen without sabotaging your own success. Far too many difference-makers skip this critical step, wasting precious time (and money). By the time you leave DEFINE, you’ll know where you’re going, what it will take to get there and which road blocks you’ll need to remove so you can quickly and easily get where you want to be!

There is no doubt your unique impact is a missing piece this world needs. The secret is to identify your uniqueness so you can access and infuse it into every area of your business. In the city of DISCOVER, you’ll use a scientific formula to find the unique gift only you can bring to this crowded global market so you can differentiate your brand, create one-of-a-kind products and services and make the difference you were born to bring to people’s lives.

Traditional business advice urges you to narrow your niche. While this is an effective marketing strategy in traditional businesses, it causes a serious problem for difference-makers. When the goal is to make an impact, narrowing your niche is unfair to all the people who could be served your products and services. So in the City of DETERMINE, you’ll learn how to widen your niche and serve the market that’s best for you. Hint: Your market will likely include people you never would have considered!

Most entrepreneurs have a crystal clear vision of the lifestyle they’d like to live after they’ve made their first million. The problem is they burn out along the way and never make it happen. As a difference-maker, it’s critically important you never burn out because the world needs you to make this work. So in this city, you’ll learn to design your lifestyle so you can live the life you want while you grow your business so you can love your life now and all along your journey.

Once you’ve been through the first four cities, you’ll have everything you need to develop one-of-a-kind products and services. There is a proven formula for developing your ideal retail and service mix so people will love to buy, use and share everything you create! You’ll get this plug-n-play formula in the City of DEVELOP.

In today’s global market, you can impact millions (even billions) of people with one click as long as you know how to get people to find you, follow you and send all their friends to your door. The key is to make sure you’re serving up practical impact on multiple platforms so people can easily grab your impact and associate your unique difference with their unique lives. In this city you’ll learn how to DIFFERENTIATE your impact through impact-driven content marketing that sets you up as the expert in your industry and differentiates your products and services as the ideal solution for them without sleazy selling or tactics that leave you wanting to take a shower! Get ready for classy, powerful and impactful marketing fun!

Regardless of how amazing your products and services are, the simple fact is they’re useless if people don’t buy and use what you’ve got! To make that happen, you’ve got to know how to ethically move people to action so they click, like, share, buy and use your products and services. In this city, you’ll discover the Science of Impact™ and get concrete formulas to yield measurable results!

The more success you build, the more people will surface with advice to grow your business further. But how do you DECIDE which advice is best for you and your business? In this city, you’ll learn how to choose the right mentors, find your strongest solutions quickly, manage conflicting advice and pull the best from all that’s available to you to make sure it’s a direct fit for your impact.

The greatest growth you’ll ever experience will come the day you enter the city of DIVERSIFY so you can capitalize on all you have to offer through the power of impact-driven collaboration. The world is filled with difference-makers and in this city, you’ll get Wendy Lipton-Dibner’s proven formulas to choose collaborative partners, create huge results through collaborative projects, develop promotional opportunities through strategic partnerships and enjoy the support of people who really get you. You’ll never be alone in the City of DIVERSIFY.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or CEO of an empire, all difference-makers reach a point after they build their impact when they’re not sure where to go next. In this step you’ll discover the key to use the Focus On Impact® Map to keep your impact growing strong in a way that’s right for you so you can DARE to go bigger and always love your life!

In addition to 6 hours of detailed training, the Focus On Impact® E-Course comes with planning sheets for each module and access to a private Facebook group for your questions.

Now is the perfect time for you to take control over the shape of your impact, the size of your impact, and the rewards you reap as a result of your impact.