Move People To Action™ Live Event

Move People to Action

How do you get people to FIND you, FOLLOW you, CHOOSE you, BUY your products and services, and SEND all their friends to your door?

How do you get people to HIRE you for consulting and coaching services?

How do you get meeting planners to PAY you for high-profile speaking engagements?

How do you get INVITED for appearances on popular podcasts, blogs and radio and TV interviews?

How do you make a MEASURABLE IMPACT around the globe?

How do you help people get what they truly want and, as a result, GET EVERYTHING YOU TRULY WANT?

The answer: Ethical Influence.

In this life-changing, career-enhancing training, you’ll get the practical formulas, templates, tools and personal connections you need to make it all happen!

Join Professional Impact President and CEO Wendy Lipton-Dibner as she pulls back the curtains of her own career in the most comprehensive training ever offered to help you build a multi-million dollar business through ethical influence so you can make an impact on every life you touch!

Colin Adamson

“I’m a retired CEO of a Fortune 100 company…some of the things I learned in the last 4 days here would have enabled me to have had a smoother life when I was in business.” — Colin Adamson

Watch this video to see what difference-makers worldwide say about the Move People To Action Live Event.

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The best 4-day seminar I’ve ever attended (and I’ve done many)!” — Eric Bischoff

“Practical-practical-practical – no fluff!” — Margot Murphy

“The most content-filled conference for teaching and motivating you to effect real change in the world through your message.” — Steven Sanchez

“Completely entertaining, enthusiastic and informative!” — Rebecca Morehead

“Deep-dive, intentionally, brilliantly and carefully delivered A-Z!” — Jennifer Rosenwald

“Amazingly powerful! Wendy is the Master of all masters!” — Marilyn A. Sawh

“Wendy is warm intuitive, compelling, ethically driven and the best platform teacher I’ve ever seen. Her content is gold. I got so much content my hand has the shakes! It was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end”
– Jalynn Venis

“Compassionate, loving, generous and everything you want to find in a leader. She teaches by modeling, revealing and sharing from her deepest convection.”
– Joyce Li

“She’s generous, authentic and brilliant!”
– Susan Axelrod

“She is the real thing!”– Michael Malkush

“Wendy is one of the most energetic, fun, ethical people and mentors I have met. Extraordinary for certain!”
– Elaine Ferguson, MSN, APN

“Energetic, compelling, compassionate, wise, funny and sincere.”
– Don E. Smith

“Vivacious! Entertaining! Very clever!”
– Gilda Simpkin, MS

“Totally the consummate professional!”
– Deena Kolbert

“Dynamic, entertaining, insightful, clear, magnetic!”
– Terry Wildemann