Professional Impact Programs Overview

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is the measurable difference you create in people’s lives as the direct result of contact with you, your team, and your company’s message, marketing, products and services.

Professional Impact Programs are results-driven, motivational experiences that are strategically designed to help you maximize and capitalize on the unique impact you make with your messaging, marketing, products and services.

Our clients tell us our programs are unlike any training, consulting or coaching they’ve ever experienced. Read on to learn more.

Steve Sanchez

“The most content-filled conferences for teaching and motivating you to effect real change in the world through your message.”
 Steven Sanchez

In-House Training and Consulting

Our in-house organizational training programs are 100% customized (we don’t do “seminars in a box”), designed comprehensively to address the barriers that keep you and your team from making your greatest impact.


“Our conversion rate instantly improved dramatically, but more importantly, our patient satisfaction rate soared. As a result of the workshop, everyone in the office works well together, highly motivated with a calm sense of purpose. My professional life has never been better.” – Luke Curtsinger, MD

Live Events

Our live events are high-energy experiences that provide step-by-step strategies for business acceleration and personal development.

We’ve mastered the Art of Layering™, providing you way more than the “what to do” of typical training programs. Whether you attend our public programs or in-house team training, you’ll get practical “how to” training you can use immediately to get measurable results.

Our public seminars are crafted differently every time, customized fully to the responses we receive from our pre-event surveys of registered attendees. When you attend our public live events, make sure you complete the survey so you can have input into what happens there!


“The best 4-day seminar I’ve ever attended (and I’ve done many)!” 
- Eric Bischoff

Private Retreats

Our private retreats bring life-changing and business-accelerating results. Our proprietary retreat process creates dynamic group cohesion and powerful, lasting alliances while assuring you get the personalized attention you need so you can leave with precisely the tools and transformations to build your mountain and love living there!


“Critical for any entrepreneur to succeed in today’s world.” – James Westura

Online Courses and Products

Our online programs, downloadable audios and e-books and home-study products make it easy for you to get our powerful training when you need it so you can grab the strategies you need on any device. Each program stands alone and together the product suite provides a comprehensive set of tools you can use to spread your message as far as you want it to go.

“Practical -practical -practical -no fluff!” – Margot Murphy

Private Mentoring and Group Coaching

While our goal is to provide deep-dive information in all our training programs, nothing takes the place of personal attention where our powerful strategies can be fully customized to your unique gifts and business.

Our private mentoring and group coaching programs have been internationally recognized for the business and personal breakthroughs we facilitate. With hourly, weekend marathons and yearlong programs that are face-to-face and virtual, we always find a way to fit our help into your unique lifestyle.

Kristy Landry

“I implemented everything Wendy taught me. When she told me to do something, I did it and the results were amazing. Now I’m a # 1 International bestselling author, I’m speaking on big stages and I have a real business that lets me make an impact in the world with my expertise. I’ve come so far from where I began and everyone in my world knows I’m working with Wendy Lipton-Dibner.” – M. Kris Landry, MRE

Bottom line: No matter which format you choose, all Professional Impact programs are designed to give you and your team the tools you need to get everything you truly want by making an impact on every life you touch.


ENTREPRENEURS (Experts, Speakers, Authors, Stay-At-Home Solopreneurs)
EXECUTIVES (Small and Large Business)
HEALTHCARE (Clinicians and Administrators – private practice and hospitals)
NON-PROFIT (Directors and Active Volunteers)