You have a message the world needs to hear!

If your dream is to make a measurable difference in people’s lives, get paid millions for your impact and love your life along the way…

And if you’ve been on a journey trying to make it happen, going to
seminars, professional meetings and workshops…

Attending webinars, teleseminars, Hangouts and Meetups…

Buying DVDs, CDs, online courses and coaching sessions…

And you’re still not where you want to be…

The simple truth is, it’s not your fault.

Research shows traditional – and even the most popular business models
don’t work for difference-makers!

Difference-makers need a special kind of strategy…

One that allows you to forget about selling and place all your Focus On Impact®

After 30+ years helping Difference-Makers grow their impact around the globe, here’s what we discovered:

When you Focus On Impact® , that’s when the money comes!

The catch is – you have to define and express your impact strategically so you can spread your message one-to-many…

Get paid top fees to speak on stages around the globe…

Reach millions of people through your bestselling books…

And love your life along the way.

We’re here to help. Below are three of our most popular programs for speakers and authors. To accelerate your results, explore our Coaching Programs and Home-Study Products.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get your message heard through bestselling books and by speaking on stages around the globe.

Focus On Impact®

Focus On Impact® Discover the bestselling business acceleration book Forbes® Online calls, “The secret to success in business.” Wendy Lipton-Dibner lays it out for you in exquisite detail in her game-changing new book, Focus On Impact® –  The 10-Step Map to Reach Millions, Make Millions and Love Your Life Along The Way Click here to order your copy and get 6 free gifts to amplify your success with the book. Click here for the Focus On Impact® Live Event.

Move People To Action™

How do you build a multimillion-dollar, world-class speaking career, get paid to travel to magnificent venues around the globe, become a multiple-time, international bestselling author and become the leading authority for your unique message?

Join Wendy as she pulls back the curtains of her own career in the most comprehensive training ever offered to help you make it happen! Get all her ethical influence formulas in the internationally-acclaimed, Move People To Action Live Event or Move People To Action E-Course.

Colin Adamson

“I’m a retired CEO of a Fortune 100 company…some of the things I learned in the last 4 days here would have enabled me to have had a smoother life when I was in business.” — Colin Adamson

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Move People to Action Live Event

Move People to Action E-Course

Difference-Maker Summit™

Experience the power of impact as you come together with the Professional Impact, Inc. Community of Difference-Makers™ for 4 days of game-changing networking, collaboration and strategic formulas at the Difference-Maker Summit!

In this intimate workshop, Wendy will help you create your customized Focus On Impact® Map so you can grow your impact-driven business to reach millions, make millions and love your life along the way!

Rick Frishman

“Wendy Lipton-Dibner is the world’s leading authority on expert collaboration. She has developed an amazing process to bring difference-makers together in projects that become international blockbusters. I’ve seen it first-hand and it’s really powerful – nothing like it anywhere.” – Rick Frishman, President and CEO, FME, Inc. and Founder, Author 101 University

Watch this video to see what difference-makers worldwide are saying!

Difference-Maker Summit