Focus On Impact® Mastery

No one makes a global impact alone. Yet every day, CEOs, surgeons and solopreneurs try to build mountains from a piece of sand without seeking the help of people who’ve blazed the trail before them.

The simple truth is building and sustaining a multi-national impact requires mastery. The good news is, you don’t need to achieve mastery in order to succeed…but you do need access to a master to help you get where you want to go faster, easier and better than you can on your own.

Far too many of our clients have wasted precious time and resources, only to discover the missing piece was only a text away.

Our Focus On Impact Mastery program gives you the clarity, connections, collaboration and coaching you need so you can maximize and capitalize on your uniqueness – as an individual and as a company.

“Wendy has an uncanny ability to see at once the forest and the trees. Within minutes she got it like no one else had gotten it before…Wendy has a knack for being able to reverse engineer her and other’s success and then to teach it to you so you know what to do, how to do it, and also get it done.” — Dr. Kumar Ramlall, Dr. Pratima Ramlall and Amit Ramlall.

“Wendy helped me become a #1 International Bestselling Author, create a website that is growing my list and get invited to speak at the most prestigious conference in the world for healthcare administrators. More importantly, she heard the call in my heart to help people… she took me seriously when I said I wanted to make a difference in the world…she committed herself to helping me birth my vision… she made it fun…she was amazingly present and completely there on our calls with questions that penetrated to my core and got me anchored… she helped me break open my vision and take it to another level… she helped me ground my vision… focus on impact and reach for the stars.” — M. Kris Landry, #1 International Bestselling Author and Founder,

“I honestly am a completely different person from the first time I met Wendy Lipton-Dibner. After attending Move People to Action and participating in her Mastery Program, I have grown enormously, met amazing people and found my path. I wrote a new book and got a 12-city speaking tour that was completely sponsored in my first year! I never even IMAGINED this in my wildest dreams a year ago. Love you to pieces Wendy! You are a gift and truly a life changer!” — Rachel DeAlto, Author of Flirt Fearlessly

“Working with Wendy Lipton-Dibner is truly an amazing experience…it actually changed the direction of my whole business. When we first met, I had been struggling for 3 ½ years… I’d spent a lot of money working with other people (so much I won’t tell you because it’s too embarrassing) but after 3 days I walked out with a plan for what I needed to do to bring what I wanted to do into the world… Wendy was in partnership with me and she has been there by my side as I took the actions necessary to bring my dream into reality. In less than a year with Wendy, I’m bringing my Power Songs™ into corporations and delivering workshops in my community.
“I am SO happy to be working with her – such a master who has so much compassion, who is so smart that she can take ideas that are just floating in space, pull them down and just create a structure. Don’t walk – run to sign up to work with her. It is worth every penny and I have no regrets. — Lorna DiMeo, Founder of

I’ve been speaking at association meetings and on large stages for over 10 years and thought I was doing just fine – until I saw Wendy in action. Her strategies are unlike anything available in the industry (and believe me, I looked!). One idea from Wendy was worth (a lot of money) to me and that doesn’t include the additional speaking engagements and offers I’ve gotten using her techniques. Get Wendy into your business and don’t ever let her go!” — R. Camper Bull, CEO, Amiger International, Inc.

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