Hal Dibner, PhD Professional Bio

Hal_210_headHAL DIBNER, PhD is a clinical psychologist and triple-board certified analyst, internationally recognized for his comprehensive and rapid approach to identifying and breaking through hidden personal and professional barriers that block success.

As a private practice clinician and business consultant, Hal has helped thousands of men and women worldwide, logging more than 60,000 hours of service since 1973.

Driven by a uniquely high level of curiosity, Hal has spent a lifetime seeking answers to the questions most people never think to ask. In fact, in over 4 decades, the most frequent question he has heard from clients is, “Why hasn’t anyone ever asked me that question before?” The answer is simple: because Hal never stops searching for the truth.

His search began in his early years, leading him to study medicine and molecular genetics at Harvard Medical School. Not satisfied with those answers, he went on to study psychology. He received his doctorate in psychology in 1981 and went on to become one of an elite group of psychologists to be Triple-Board Certified in Psychoanalysis.

Hal’s intense curiosity grew even more as he encountered the wide array of problems he was hearing from people who sought his help. From young adults who were just launching their families and careers to Fortune 100 CEOs and credentialed professionals, Hal became increasingly aware of a powerful reality: he still didn’t know enough to resolve the wide array of problems people were bringing to him.

Unwilling to settle for anything less than cure, Hal went on to study an extensive array of disciplines, and had the privilege of studying with the original founders and masters in Transactional Analysis, Re-Decision Therapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Paradoxical Interventions, Systems Thinking, Classical Psychoanalysis, and Jungian Analysis.

As word spread of his rapid cure rate, he began receiving extensive referrals from local physicians whose patients’ symptoms were “all in their heads.” The more Hal worked with their patients, the more he discovered the boundaries of psychology and traditional medicine. His curiosity afire once again, Hal expanded his search for answers, ultimately receiving his second doctorate in environmental medicine. He quickly developed an unshakable reputation for the unique, comprehensive and rapid solutions he brought to his patients and became the go-to resource for referring doctors nationwide.

In 1983, Hal was given the opportunity to bring his comprehensive approach to problem resolution into the corporate arena, where he helped avert a massive shutdown in a Fortune 100 company. Since then Hal has been the trusted advisor to hundreds of businesses from startup entrepreneurs to large enterprises, helping executives and their teams identify and break through their success barriers – often in fewer than three hours.

To this day, Hal continues to search for innovative solutions to the problems that keep his patients and clients from getting everything they want in life. He devotes an average of 10 hours per week studying the latest medical, psychological, scientific and environmental research, searching for new technologies and strategies from rapid solutions to the problems he sees.

Known internationally for his unparalleled ability to infuse just the right strategies into humor-filled conversations, Hal continues to ask questions that surprise and delight his clients.

So who is Dr. Hal Dibner? Referring colleagues have dubbed him, “The fastest wiseass therapist in the world.” Patients and business clients call him their “Lifesaver.” At Professional Impact, we call Hal our “Secret Weapon.”

When Hal isn’t engaged in intense conversations, he enjoys keeping up on the newest technology for high-end watches and scientific advances in cosmology. His greatest joy is watching Wendy, whether she’s speaking on stages around the globe or enjoying playtime with her and their dear friends at Disney® and at home. Amazing what happens when you develop your curiosity and Focus On Impact®.

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