Professional Impact for Small Businesses (25+ employees) and Multi-National Corporations

If you have a message, product or service that can make a difference in people’s lives, we’re here to help you achieve a measurable increase in your reach, revenues and results.

Every Professional Impact, Inc. program is customized to the unique needs of our clients. Browse below for our most popular programs, or contact us now to discuss your unique impact goals.

Focus On Impact®

Discover the only comprehensive model ever developed, tested and proven to increase profitability as a direct result of making a measurable difference in people’s lives with one-of-a-kind marketing, products and services. This is the precise model we’ve used to help clients grow revenues exponentially in corporate, healthcare, small business, entrepreneurial and non-profit organizations. And now it’s your turn!

Define Your Unique Impact Action Formula™

What is the impact you bring to the world, what do you want to get as a result of the difference you bring to people’s lives through your message, products and services and what will it take to make it happen? Define your formula once per year to maximize and capitalize on your unique impact.

Discover Your Unique Gift

Your team is comprised of more than skills and knowledge. Each individual brings a unique set of DNA, experiences, talents and perspectives that have yet to be tapped by you! Bring everyone’s gifts together and discover the collaborative gift that is your organization. Then infuse that gift into every area of your business for exponential increases in your results.

Develop One-Of-A-Kind Products & Services

Is there really nothing new under the sun? How do you develop a suite of products that differentiate your impact in a crowded global market? Impact Sequencing™ is the only tool ever created to guarantee your products and services are truly one-of-a-kind and yield measurable results – for your customers and for you!

Differentiate With Impact-Driven Content Marketing

Content was king until the market became flooded. Now the challenge is to create content that gets consumed and shared. Even then, it’s one thing to write great content. It’s another to grow an empire as a result of your content. Discover the formulas to make it happen across multiple platforms for maximum exposure, audience engagement and measurable results.

Deliver Products & Services to Move People to Action

Move people to action with ethical influence so they find you, choose you, buy your products and services, send all their friends and come back for more. We’ve been testing, refining, retesting and tracking our formulas across a vast array of industries and economic conditions for more than three decades. What have we found? Maximum results with minimal effort. Stop selling and ethically move people to action for measurably increased impact and income in record time.

Diversify with Impact-Driven Collaboration

You know you can’t meet every need of your market alone. But what if you came together with complimentary organizations to create collaborative products? That’s diversification that is amplified by the low-cost, high-impact process of joining forces with a trusted partner. Apply the proven formula to grow your results exponentially through collaborative partnerships so you can create new products and services you could never produce alone.

Impact Leadership

Move your team to action so they do what you want them to do – consistently, effectively and passionately without supervision

Team Enhancement

Improve teamwork, productivity and collegiality – in the office or across the miles with our motivational and practical team alignment programs. Sorry, no rope-climbing or falling backwards into someone’s arms. This is the real thing that takes your team from good to spectacular in only 3 days.

Impact Speaking

Do your presentations excite and entice, or lull them to sleep? Whether you’re speaking to your team, your shareholders, potential investors or an audience of thousands, your results will depend on your ability to move people to action. We make it easy for you with our internationally-acclaimed Money Magnetism™ Formula that helps anyone become a world-class speaker and move people to pay top fees for the impact only you can bring them.

Impact Service

The days of Five-Star Service programs are long over. Today your consumers want genuine, effective, fun experiences that make it easier to do business with you. What is the experience of doing business with you – internally and externally? Is it helping you capitalize on the new global market where authenticity is power? Now is the time to get real with Impact Service.

Stress Resolution

Stress management brings temporary relief from the day-to-day grind. Take a walk, breathe and exercise. Got it. But what do you do in a high-stress environment where chronic pressure is the norm? The answer is stress resolution – the permanent solution that comes from inside each member of your team. Discover your personal and team formula to avoid burnout, get energized and sustain your drive without sugar or caffeine!

Shatter Your Speed Limits®

Every member of your executive team has at least one hidden success barrier. What’s yours? Identify and break through the personal and professional barriers that are keeping you from maximizing your impact.

Elite Video Mastery™

Your business depends on your ability to look directly into a camera and engage your viewers in an intimate conversation that moves them to click, like, buy and share. This doesn’t come naturally or easily – until you apply a few simple secrets to stay real and connect. Ignore the importance of video engagement and you’ll be the next talking head everyone mutes. Master this and you’ll soar to the top of search engines.

Change Resistance

Undergoing issues of re-structuring, mergers, new leadership, reassignments or cut-backs? Now is the time to Focus On Impact® to maximize and capitalize on the assets of your organization.

Executive Team Retreats

Our executive team retreats are internationally recognized for creating powerful transformation and measurable results in record time. This exclusive program is recommended for executive teams that are experiencing minimized productivity as a result of insufficient clarity of vision and/or execution, ineffective communication, new hires or conflict. Nothing builds success faster than an aligned team.

Personnel Recruiting And Selection

Attract and select the right person for the right job with our proprietary Personnel Talent Selection System™. From initial research to final hire, our system helps you build the team that’s best for you with maximum confidence and minimum time.

Executive Consulting

You were hired to know all the answers. We get hired to help you find them. Virtual or onsite, one-off or ongoing, our job is to put ourselves out of a job by giving you the insights and formulas you need to get results.